The idea of Chewbox is a brainchild of a pet parent and an entrepreneur. Kanu Sharma, after successfully establishing and running the House of candy ( India’s largest Candy importer and retailer ) was discussing the need for better products in the pet space with her husband over dinner one night. The seed for chewbox was planted then and there. As fate would have it, a month later she was gifted Spot ( her french bulldog ), which doubled her enthusiasm and resolve. When Spot came into her life, she truly understood the struggles of being a pet parent, finding it difficult to find all his things in one place!

From one pet parent to another, we present to you our passion project - Chewbox.in! With an exciting range of products, we aim to provide all the needs of your pet baby in one place! Colorful and cute clothes, delicious and tasty treats, and essentials! This is the one-stop-shop for everything and anything your pet baby needs!


For you to enjoy bringing up your pet baby, stress free!!


To bring joy to you and your pet babies with our carefully curated and innovative products and services.