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Acana Light & Fit Adult Dog Food (For All Breeds) Trial Pack 340gms

Rs. 399
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Acana Light & Fit dog food is a special diet for overweight dogs formulated with limited carbohydrate content to promote the development of lean muscle mass. Naturally rich in all the essential nutrients your pet needs, it does away with the need for adding any supplements.

This grain-free and gluten-free diet does not contain high glycemic ingredients; instead, it has veggies like whole pumpkin and squash (excellent fiber content). ACANA's Biologically Appropriate* trademark recipes are prepared in their award-winning kitchens, always using the best and freshest ingredients. These ingredients are deemed fit for human consumption.

*ACANA's Biologically Appropriate Philosophy 

Our pet dog and cat companions are descendants of wild wolves and big cats. Though they have been domesticated, anatomically, they continue to have features that are designed for a meat-based diet. To suit these biological needs, ACANA's food recipes have a large meat protein content.

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