Basil Cinnamon Mouth Spray For Dog - 130 ml

Rs. 750

Product Description

Basil Cinnamon Mouth Spray For Dog - 130 ml

Basil Mouth Freshening Spray can directly spray this in your dog's mouth as it's absolutely safe to use for dogs. It contains Cinnamon and also has an anti-bacterial formula. It also helps to improve the digestion problem through plant-based enzymes. This Basil Mouth Freshening Spray is alcohol-free and is made with all-natural ingredients.


  • Basil mouth freshener improves digestion through plant-based enzymes.
  • Basil Mouth Freshening Spray has peppermint for fresh breath.
  • Teeth & Gums Will Look and Feel Fresh, Clean, and Healthy.
  • Ingredients Used in This are Well Researched & Vet Approved, Free from any harmful additives.


Quantity - 130 ml

Flavour - Cinnamon

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