Chewbox Refreshing Pet Dry Shampoo

Rs. 350
Chewbox Refreshing Pet Dry Shampoo is for puppies and dogs, no water is needed. It is made with natural ingredients to make your dog smell free, clean and shine. This is a perfect product, if you have no time to take your dog for a bath. It removes dirt and makes  your lovely  dog smell fresh with a pleasant fragrance . its unique formula is blended with conditioner to conditioner hair and moisturize skin and spreads fragrance.

How to use:  Spray the Dry Bath Chewbox Refreshing Pet Dry Shampoo directly on the fur and massage fur and skin for deep penetration. Rub with a cloth or brush thoroughly. Use a dry towel / wet wipes to wipe away any excess and Brush the hair is right direction . wash your hands before and after use.  Repeat if necessary.

Key ingredients : SLES, Ccodi, Cocobitane, Silicon , DM WATER, MILD PERFUME.

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