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Royal Canin Adult Food for Giant Breeds 4 Kg

Rs. 2,620
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Royal Canin Giant Food for Adult Dogs is a diet apt for dogs above 18/24 months of age, weight 45 kg and above including Great Dane, Grey Hound, American Mastiff, St. Bernard, Neapolitan Mastiff, etc. This food for giant breed dogs contains an apt amount of protein, calcium and phosphorous that promotes harmonious weight gain and helps in maintaining the ideal weight of adult dogs of the giant breed. The food is a proven Kibble Technology that reduces the formation of tartar on teeth and promotes Dental Health. This food is a complete diet for dogs. This food is an assortment of various essential nutrients that help in improving the B1 Structure of adult dogs that improves bone strength and promotes healthy joints. This food for adult dogs also improves digestive health and promotes a balance in the intestinal flora.

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