Vetoquinol Samolac Weaning Food Supplement for Puppies & Kittens

Rs. 415

Vetoquinol Samolac Pro Weaning Food Supplement for Puppies & Kittens (0-8 weeks)

Vetoquinol Samolac Pro is a food supplement that is important for weaning young pets. This paste-like feed helps the transition from mother’s milk to food easy and it also meets all the dietary needs of these little babies.

Samolac contains Whey Protein, Prebiotics and Enzymes that enhances the immunity, improves digestion and provides energy for day to day activity.

This food also meets the nutritional requirement after weaning, it contains saccharomyces boulardii that helps in killing bad bacteria and maintaining the good bacteria, hence improves the gut health.

Digestive enzymes support digestive function and reduce gut inflammation. It also contains 10 amino acids, vitamin & mineral for overall body growth and development. Taurine and thiamine in this feed helps in brain development

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